How To Adopt

There are 80 million people considering adoption in the U.S.

Over 100,000 children are available to be adopted just in the U.S. and that’s not including the larger population of 140 million children waiting to be adopted worldwide, why all the waiting?

100,000 + Children waiting

Do the math. There are plenty of children available and everyone could easily adopt twice internationally or domestically.
Who is waiting?

Potential parents are waiting for solid information about what they need to do next to adopt children. Overwhelmed by the misinformation and confusion they experience “analysis paralysis.”

Children are waiting, many times from birth for parents who have been approved by their country or state to find them before they turn 18 and are left on their own.

Who were the children waiting to be adopted in foster care 2019?
4,638 children under the age of 1 were available and waiting

34,232 children between the ages of 1 and 3 were available and waiting

55,278 were white children available and  waiting

27,397 were black children available and waiting

27,765 were Hispanic children available and waiting

These numbers represent the largest percentage of race available but every race is represented in foster care. AFCARS

Children come into the system at birth for several reasons:
Mother gave birth in prison, rights are terminated. Children are waiting.
Mother abandoned baby at fire or police station, hospital rights are terminated. Children are waiting.
Parents have a long history of neglect or abuse. Previous children’s rights are already terminated, newborn child rights are terminated. Children are waiting.
Parents die, no relatives l
ocated to provide family, rights are terminated. Children are waiting.
Caseworker tells a newly approved potential parent, ” there are no babies in foster care.” Children are waiting.

When Davion Only, at 10 years of age stood up on a church platform and ask if anyone would adopt him, the video went viral. Over 10,000 people inquired to adopt him. Many of those potential parents who inquired were already home study approved and ready, but without support, never had the chance to adopt him.

Systems, paperwork, rules, politics, religion, race discrimination, and bad customer service, it’s all getting in the way and everyone is waiting. It doesn’t have to be that way. Learning how to navigate and prepare for the process in an innovative way with on your side makes all the difference. Someone is waiting for you. Join together with others who have made the decision not to wait any longer!

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What are you waiting for?

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