A one of a kind non- profit.

Adoption Share has a one-of-a-kind program called Family Match. This program, created by Thea Ramirez and former E-harmony researchers, uses cutting-edge data science and predictive models to better match families looking to adopt and children waiting for adoption. Families will create a profile that lets professionals in the industry reach out to them if they have a child that seems like a good fit. Matches are determined by a number of family and child attributes such as personality, attachment styles, and previous fostering experience. The score determines how likely the placement will be successful. 

Another important aspect of Family Match, it is streamlining the process for adoption professionals and agencies. Professionals can to take more of an active role in reaching out to families and seeing their profile. Accelerating the process for families being matched with a child in as little as two weeks compared to years spent waiting. Family Match is revolutionizing the adoption process and it will only improve as more data is captured.