Urgent Information To Pass Your Home Study:

Five Tips to Ensure Your Family’s Safety  Critical Items To Have At Home  Do you have fire safety products installed in your home? Each of these items is absolutely critical to being safe and prepared.  Have a Plan Have you and your family established an escape plan? Practice Makes Perfect  How many times has your [...]

Using Cutting Edge Tech to Find the Best Match

A one of a kind non- profit. Adoption Share has a one-of-a-kind program called Family Match. This program, created by Thea Ramirez and former E-harmony researchers, uses cutting-edge data science and predictive models to better match families looking to adopt and children waiting for adoption. Families will create a profile that lets professionals in the [...]

This Website Revolutionizes the Adoption Match Game

Family-match.org has completely transformed the adoption process. Disgusted by the conflict of interest and lack of clarity in the private infant adoption sector, Thea Ramirez was and was determined to make a change. She founded Adoption Share with the goal of bringing efficiency and transparency within the adoption process. Family Match is a program from [...]

Virtual Summit

The summit was a huge success and here are the links we promised from all of the great information our experts shared with you to make your adoption better! Find your favorite expert here: Legal Laurie Goldheim-Academy of Adoption Attorneys-https://adoptionart.org/ Medical Dr Borchers www.crossroadhc.org.  directory-American Academy of Pediatrics- Tax Becky Wilmoth- Bill's Tax Service -Enrolled [...]


How To Adopt There are 80 million people considering adoption in the U.S. Over 100,000 children are available to be adopted just in the U.S. and that’s not including the larger population of 140 million children waiting to be adopted worldwide, why all the waiting? 100,000 + Children waiting Do the math. There are plenty [...]

What Kind of Parent?

What kind of parent are you? What kind of parent do you want to be? Do you want to dig deeper and find out a little more about yourself? This is the beginning of next-level parenting. Let's begin with who you are wired up to be already.  Question: What is your love language? Learning your [...]

How Many Were Adopted?

Do you feel as if you are the only one thinking about adoption? Did you know that 80 million people consider adoption but less than 1% do it? When I heard that statistic I nearly crapped my pants (sorry mom, she hates that word) but it’s true. Why would so many people change their minds [...]

The History of Adoption Discovery

Where did Adoption Discovery come from and what do we do?

Coronavirus and how it’s affecting adoption, some good news!

Home study covid-19 style? A recent interview with Laurie Goldheim Bridgette: Can you tell me how is the coronavirus affecting the adoption home study right now? If I'm a family in process or if I'm about to begin my home study what is going on? Laurie: Families are not necessarily putting their adoption plans on [...]

Nine Months Or Less To Adopt A Child, Really?

How long does it take to Adopt? Adoption can take nine months or less or the process can be dragged on until you think you don’t even want to do it anymore. Adoption can happen in a flash or it can take forever. On average adoption is reported to take anywhere from 3 months to [...]