Urgent Information To Pass Your Home Study:

Five Tips to Ensure Your Family’s Safety  Critical Items To Have At Home  Do you have fire safety products installed in your home? Each of these items is absolutely critical to being safe and prepared.  [...]

Using Cutting Edge Tech to Find the Best Match

A one of a kind non- profit. Adoption Share has a one-of-a-kind program called Family Match. This program, created by Thea Ramirez and former E-harmony researchers, uses cutting-edge data science and predictive models to better [...]

This Website Revolutionizes the Adoption Match Game

Family-match.org has completely transformed the adoption process. Disgusted by the conflict of interest and lack of clarity in the private infant adoption sector, Thea Ramirez was and was determined to make a change. She founded [...]

Virtual Summit

The summit was a huge success and here are the links we promised from all of the great information our experts shared with you to make your adoption better! Find your favorite expert here: Legal [...]