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Bridgette, a child advocate, active volunteer, CASA, Panel Review Member and founder of Adoption Discovery.

Nine Months Or Less To Adopt A Child, Really?

How long does it take to Adopt? Adoption can take nine months or less or the process can be dragged on until you think you don’t even want to do it anymore. Adoption can happen in a flash or it can take forever. On average adoption is reported to take anywhere from 3 months to [...]

Adoption Family Traditions; Simple Holidays for Complicated People

December should be a time of peace and joy. We're all busier than we want to be, less focused than we need to be -- about what matters. Christmas and New Year's, the holidays should be a time to realign ourselves and dig deep to our core beliefs. What do we need? Who are we? [...]

A Different Kind Of Adoption Gratitude

  "Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it." William Arthur Ward Have you ever thought to contact your adoption professional and thank them for what they did right? Have you ever thought about getting to know the birth parents of your adopted child and thanking them for [...]

Why Am I So Afraid Of Open Adoption?

What is real the difference between open and closed adoptions? Tell the world, tell no one. There are as many interpretations of open and closed adoptions as those who choose them. I am going to give you two extreme examples and a with a few options in between.  The main thing you need to realize [...]

Scared The Birth Parents Will Change Their Mind?

Birth mother adoption requires a waiting period for the biological parents to reconsider their adoption plan. There are ways to reduce this revocation of consent probability if you ask the right questions before the birth. This is a different kind of “reclaim the child” scenario than we discussed in the last post and there are [...]

Adoption Fear

Why am I scared to death of the birth parents? There are so many myths to understand about birth parents. The big fear among potential adoptive parents in a recent survey is that the birth parents will try to reclaim the child after adoption. So there are a few things you should know to calm [...]

Adopting a Child or Buying a Porche?

Adoption costs are through the roof! It can cost as much as a Porsche Automobile or it can be free. It depends on so many factors. The problem: most of the options you are presented with are costly because someone is trying to make a buck. Yes, there is such a thing as a “free [...]

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire – Adoption Myth vs Truth

According to Adam Cecil and the Urban Dictionary, " 'Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire' is a phrase that children like to scream at each other whenever they think the other is lying. They also like to scream it at adults who tell them stories about fairies. It is an overall stupid thing to say, since [...]