A  brief history of this organization, why we exist, and what we do. (I will try not to bore you.)

 Many people come into our program and get information, adopt children, and create a family and that’s beautiful. It’s why we exist. Many others want to know where we came from. Usually, there’s the confusion and we have to stop and explain, we are not an agency. 

Information on how to adopt

Adoption Discovery serves as an educational 501c3 nonprofit helping people learn how to adopt for zero dollars and in less than nine months and so much more. 

Established November 10, 2003

Over 15 years ago this nonprofit 501c3 organization began. But wait, there was more to the story. I was going through a divorce and my sister called me and said “you need to go volunteer for CASA (court-appointed special advocates)” I was very reluctant.  It was truly life-changing for me. I began to understand things about children across the world and in my own community.

Did you know there are group homes with houses full of abandoned babies and children who are in elementary, middle, and high school who are aging out of the system? On their own with no life skills no one to support them or share life with.  It is heartbreaking.

There are over 100 thousand just in the United States and millions worldwide.

Every number has a story and every story has a face.

 We are surrounded by people struggling to adopt children. I would hear potential parents tell how they felt they were being held hostage with their checkbook, waiting for years and years to adopt. As a volunteer, children tell me all they want is a family to love them. They wait and weeks turn into months, months turned into years. 

 As a CASA volunteer

I saw a solution to the problem.  This was not a supply and demand problem but an information issue.  After research and a degree in communications/public relations. I decided to make sure no one had to wait any longer. I created AdoptionDiscovery.org to solve the problem now.

There are plenty of children and potential parents.

There is no need to guilt anyone into adopting when 80 million people consider adoption every year but less than one percent do it. We decided to help the 99% actually adopt and solve the orphan crisis in the process.

So the nonprofit began by filling up donated conference rooms on the weekends in Atlanta Georgia.

Released Over 5 Years Ago
The journey continues!

We began by educating people on how to adopt children and they did. Over 95% of the potential parents in those groups adopted and 75% of them adopted again. 

So the journey began!

10 Things You Need To Know Before You Adopt
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