Adoption costs are through the roof!

It can cost as much as a Porsche Automobile or it can be free. It depends on so many factors. The problem: most of the options you are presented with are costly because someone is trying to make a buck. Yes, there is such a thing as a “free adoption.” Not only are there free adoptions, but there is also a long list of ways to make your costly adoption free. How is that possible? First, you must choose what type of adoption you would like to do. The best way to do that is ask an unbiased resource… that means one that does not have a vested interest in the type of adoption you choose. For instance, if I run an adoption agency that specializes in adoptions from China I am going to sell you on the benefits of adopting from China; if I have an adoption agency that only deals with birth mother adoptions domestically then I am going to tell you all about the benefits of that type of adoption. If I am an adoption professional that does not specialize in any one type, then I am going to sell you on doing an adoption in whatever way that will benefit the organization most. It is called business and yes, adoption is a business, like it or not.

The cost of your adoption is directly related to the option you choose.
There are several options. We cover each of these in more detail in our video course. But yes, it is possible to complete an adoption for zero dollars. So, where do you get unbiased information? An organization that has only one interest; getting your adoption questions answered. It is not an agency, consultant or facilitator.  It is a safe place to get your questions answered. That is why I founded Adoption I realized a long time ago that this is the only way we will ever solve the orphan crisis. Potential parents getting their questions answered and deciding which  adoption is the right choice for them. If they choose not to adopt we still win because no one really wants the situation of someone adopting who is really not into it, right? At the end of the day the children adopted should be the winners here, if we really care. The parents should not feel like they have been held hostage in the meantime and emotional potential parents should not be toyed with over their process of building a family.

There are 5 steps I recommend you take before you adopt:

1. Get info on each type of adoption (Watch- Adoption 101)
2. Choose the kind of adoption ex. domestic/international- foster care, birth mother (Watch- Adoption What Are My Choices)
3. Plan the steps, (Watch -Choose an Adoption Agency, Adoption Process: Logical Vs Emotional)
4. Budget your time and money- plan the steps (Watch -Adoption Funding, How to do a $0 Adoption, Creative Funding for your Adoption)
5. Research the Tax credit and your employers benefits, (Listen-Adoption Tax Credit)

Click here to visit the courses page with all of the above and below suggestions available.

If I choose an adoption that cost money, how can I make it free?
Did you know that an adoption home study can be free or up to $5000. 00.

1. Get the real total in writing. -(Watch Adoption 101)
2. Fundraising – (Listen, Creative Fundraising for your Adoption)
3. Tax credit, employer benefits –(Listen, Adoption Tax Credit) and check out the recent list of adoption friendly employers here
4. Scholarships, Grants -(Listen Adoption Funding)

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