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Adoption Discovery is an educational 501c3 nonprofit and Adoption University is a tax deductible charitable membership program. We have helped hundreds of families accomplish adoption with less stress and less money
~  creating radical and innovative change in the adoption process  ~
Save Time
" was a ton of useful information. They began to explain the different avenues you can take to adopt and we left there feeling hopeful that we too could adopt.... four months later and we proudly announced a finalized adoption "  - Jimmy
Save Money
"We have completed three adoptions now and not one of them has cost us a dime, we could not believe it was actually possible! It is." - Gene
Save Sanity
"Oh how I wish we had known of these wonderful people sooner! It would have went a long way to not only educate us about the process, but would have alleviated so many of our concerns and questions."  - Kam
80 Million Consider Adoption.. But Only 1% Do It...
Why Is That??

We've been helping for over a decade and we know what works and what doesn't when it comes to showing how to get through the adoption process.

And it always comes down to 1 of 3 key reasons (in reverse order)...

#3) Not being sure you'll get through all the red tape...
#2) Thinking it takes too long..

And the biggest of them all, the one we fight constantly...

#1) Thinking you can't afford it...
So, Can You Afford It?
Adoption can cost a lot of money... but some adoption is free.

Of course those making money in the adoption industry may not want to talk about the free adoption option over what they are selling. I get it, but I bet prospective adoptive parents most likely would choose to at least hear about the free adoption over what they are selling. I like to know all my options before making a big decision.
Like any other business if you tell your customer at the checkout “Hey, this is free next door” you might not be in business for very long. There is "Free From-The-Beginning" Adoption and there is "Free After-The-Fact" Adoption. We discuss this thoroughly in our adoption courses, "Adoption University".

Some adoptions do cost, but I believe you should be able to make that choice? Some adoption cost has really skyrocketed over the years. This is mostly because countries and adoption professionals know someone will pay for it.

What is going on here? I think it is supply and demand mixed with a large dose of emotional buying!
***Dan Kennedy explains emotional buying this way:
"E-Factors are the emotional drivers of buying behavior. The fact is everybody’s buying behavior is driven by emotions, then justified as necessary, after the fact, with logic. The generic factors that apply to everybody are: fear, guilt, pride, greed, love.”***
In addition, a percentage of the families we help are considering adoption after a long road of infertility. Add the stress of surviving that process and you have a candidate for emotional buying.

These families have most likely already experience guilt, loss, anger and denial and then they are approached by an adoption professional who will make it all better for a price tag.
After the cost of infertility discovery and treatments money is a hot topic regardless of income level yet many are still willing to move forward at any cost.

Many adoption professionals, knowing this, take advantage of the client. Show them a picture of a child in need and the amount the emotional buyer will pay will go up. We will discuss this in courses dedicated to money and adoption.

But now you know there ARE free options - you just need to learn what they are.

Click below to learn now!
61% of Americans Admit They Don’t Know Much About Adoption (or how it works...)
When given a basic quiz about adoption and foster care, the general public scored an average grade of C-

So think about this...
  • Why does it cost so much to adopt?
  • ​Why does it take so long to adopt? 
  • Why are there so many children waiting to be adopted?
  • ​Why do they make it so hard to adopt?
Adoption University is HOW we help you score an A+ on your adoption!

Who Are We and How Do We Help?
Adoption Discovery is a 501c3 educational nonprofit teaching you how to adopt for $0 in less than 9 months. Join the hundreds of families accomplish adoption with less stress and less money.

Usually the first question is “what are my next steps or how do I get started?"

Adoption University was our first answer, but those who got in still had questions.

So we created "Adoption University: 30-Day Jumpstart" Program.
The Success Stories We've Created
"...Wonderful program that without we would have been lost through this process!"
"We started with Adoption Discovery in September 2009 and finalized the adoption of our two children in May 2011. Thank you so much for the wonderful program that without we would have been lost through this process."
~ Kelly, Loretta, Logan & Mya!
Bringing Joel Home
"Oh how I wish we had known of these wonderful people sooner! Our process had bumps along the way but looking back, was such a blessing. The Lord brought our son home just 16 months after we began our adoption. While it felt like an eternity, compared to so many others, it was short lived. We traveled to Thailand in late September of 2009. It was like a dream."
~ Jason, Kam, Kennedy, Sydney & Joel!
One Step at a Time
"I had MANY questions throughout the months and every time I made contact with Adoption Discovery they were more than willing to help. They also followed up with me from time-to-time to see how things were going. 
There are many up's and down's in an adoption journey and we are very thankful for all the help and support we received from Adoption Discovery." 
~ Jimmy, Melissa, and Jackson
Congratulations Michael and Sharndra!
"We were so touched when other Adoption Discovery group members called and emailed to congratulate us on our finalization! Our adoption journey has been just as rewarding as the destination itself!"
~ Michael, Sharndra, Bayleigh, and Kyle
Adoption Made Our Family!
"We feel so deeply thankful for the support of (Adoption Discovery) during our process. The information provided not only helped us make an educated decision for our family, but was instrumental in helping us be on the 'same page' as a couple."
~ Kevin, Sharon and Kinzie
Journey to Josie
"I am so grateful for the ministry of Adoption Discovery. I strongly encourage anyone who is considering opening their home to a child in need to attend Adoption Discovery. It will change your family forever. I know it did for ours."
~ Andrew, Nicole, and Josie
What Is 30-Day Jumpstart?
When you join the 30-day Jumpstart Program, you get:
 - A private login to the learning site for a one hour  training each day for 30 days
 - By the end, you'll know more than most adoption professionals (literally!)

But, you may be thinking... “I am not sure I have one hour a day available”

Guess what...

You might not be ready for our program and I would say you might not be ready to adopt a child.

How can I say that? Because I guarantee it will take more than one hour out of your day to raise a child, right?

So take some time and come back when you are really ready to decide if adoption is how you want to build your family.
But, If you are ready….

You can sign up today easily and then you can click on “Start My 30-Days” button when you are ready to roll.

We will send you a short email each day giving you a heads-up on what your hour of learning will include.

Afterward, you log in and learn by watching video or listening to audio with easy to understand information that will guide you each step of the way. Everything will be at your fingertips no need to search endlessly for information that helps you adopt.
Adoption University Now Open!
Adoption University is a tax deductible charitable membership program. Our mission is to educate and help you adopt a child for $0 in less than 9 months.
When You Join Today, You'll Get:
Instant Access To Adoption University, Including:
  • Over 7 hours of video and audio courses to make your adoption happen faster and for less money or no money.
  • ​Over 31 links to resources with timely info such as money available for your adoption, tax laws, children available, country closings and adoption products.
  • ​Over 15 downloads such as questions to ask your adoption professional, charts and reports.
AND You'll Get:
  • 30-Days Of Guided Emails To Make Sure You Stay-On-Track!
  • ​Virtual Summit Admission Pass
PLUS, You'll Also Get:
  • ​Newsletters
  • ​Reports
  • ​Webinars
  • ​One-on-One Adoption Coaching
  • ​Course Workbook
  • ​Exclusive Adoption Product Discounts
~ The Johnson Family
BUT, MOST Importantly...
  • ​You'll be joining hundreds of families in the learning process
  • ​And you'll be in control of your family's future!
  • ​​And you'll be literally paying it forward, because it's 100% tax deductible!
Absolutely! Your purchase is a donation, and so you can learn, while paying it forward to support children and families.

100% money back guarantee? Just contact us here if you don’t like after 7 days

Join us for a life changing learning experience!
Adoption University has great audio and videos to educate and empower adoptive-parents through the adoption process. We have helped hundreds of families over the last 15 years to successfully adopt using these resources.

Adoption University is a tax deductible membership program that has been built and financially supported by past families who have already been through this process. It is our mission to continue to pay this forward by sharing this resource with as many future adoptive families as possible.

 As a member, you will also have access to all of the links, funding resources and downloads we use to help you do a $0 adoption. Plus, when you finish all the courses, you will receive a certificate that you may be able to use towards your 'educational hours' for your adoption home study certification approval!

Contact us if you have any questions, comments or concerns.
More Success Stories . . .
We Ended Up Fostering 50 Kids And We Adopted 5!
"When we first started, we didn't know anything about international adoption versus domestic, private or even about foster care adoption. They really helped us through the class we could make an informed decision for ourselves."

"As we where going through the process, our first agency wasn't really a good fit and we got really discouraged and almost dropped the idea. But luckily, (Adoption Discovery) came up behind us and encouraged us to go with another agency.

"In over 15 years, we ended up fostering short-term and long-term 50 kids and we adopted 5! And now, we're one big happy family!"
~ The Johnson Family
Joy in Baby August
"The Adoption Discovery group helped my husband and I greatly through the process of adopting our son. I referred back to the material I received from the class, and was able to contact our leader with any questions. I would highly recommend anyone considering adoption to attend a group provided by Adoption Discovery. "
~ Tim, Natalie and August Timothy
Adoption Discovery Gave Us The Tools We Needed
"The Adoption Discovery program did so much to prepare us for what we experienced working through DFCS. Thanks again and we look forward to working with you guys in the future to help other couples like us find their perfect child." 
~ Brian, Andrea and Maya Grace
A Year and Half Changed Our Lives Forever
"Words are absolutely meaningless to explain how grateful we are for all the help you have given us over the past year and a half! Just knowing that you did not want a dime from us gave us complete assurance that you would not feed us a string of hogwash."
~ Jon, Robin, Caitlyn & Hailey
Not Afraid of Tough Questions
"The Adoption Discovery classes fit right in with what we were experiencing. It seemed to work out that each week was either what we were going through, about to go through, or we had just gone through it and we were able to share with the others.They answer so many questions that people sometimes are either afraid to ask, or afraid to push for an answer. I would and already have highly recommended Adoption Discovery to many friends."
~ Joel, Carrie Ann & Josiah
One Door Closed, Another Opened
"Soon after a fervent prayer, we were called to tell us our profile was selected by a birthmother. We never talked to her…we never met. The truth is we expected another let down. There were months of waiting…months of silence. Convinced this too would fail, we started planning our “get-out-of-town” vacation. That’s when we got the call…1:30am March 7th…“wake up - are you ready – get to the hospital.” At 5:15am we walked into the labor and delivery room, and for the first time we laid eyes on the birthmother. She looked at us, smiled, and said “thank you, you are a blessing - here is your daughter."
~ Rick, Carey & Cara Faith
Can You Really Do It Too?
Everyone Can Adopt, And You Can Do It For Almost $0 If You Know What To Do!

Adoption University's "30-Day Jumpstart" Is The Answer You Need.

We are a 501c3 nonprofit and we've helped hundreds of families accomplish adoption with less stress and less money.

And we are confident we can do the same for you.

There's NO RISK with our Money-Back Guarantee, PLUS your purchase is TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

Join Your 30-Day Jumpstart Now!
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